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Machining Type Enterprises’ MES System Solution
The machining enterprise is the basic production unit in qwerqweglobal manufacturing system. Its level is normally an important index to scale how the country’s industry developed. Such as machining industry, the production mode is normally batch mode, it’s highly concerned with the equipment’s running, together with a bunch of test and feedback.
The traditional MES has to overcome a basic challenge to mark the products, since not all accessories are suitable for sticking barcode. And in the meantime, machining producing mode has particularities, such as the special procedures like turning, shaving, milling, plating, eroding, heat treatment, etc. The traditional MES software that was based on assembling the unit product according to the BOM list can not be used here.
OrBit-MES successfully applied the Lot Tracking method on the machining type enterprises, which is based on our team’s abundant experience on the production management in machining industry for many years. It can connect with ERP system, the machine tools’ network in production line, and the industry’s bus. It promotes the MES application fields in processing type enterprises to a fresh high level.

Distributed WMS System Application Solution
qwerqwerThe various cooperation enterprises in the supply chain especially need the distributed WMS management system. In the past, the production plan made by the PMC personnel has to be revised again and again, due to it can’t accurately grasp the sub-vendor’s available stock and can’t meet the customer’s delivery time satisfactorily.
The distributed WMS system actually utilize the mature internet to extend the WMS control touch point directly into the cooperation enterprise in the supply chain, and grasp the accurate stock status in the cooperation enterprise by real time, to provide the accurate data to JIT which is “supply according to need”.
After using OrBit-WMS, the suppliers who are distributed all over the world can directly pass the data through WMS Communication Mid Object System to the central database in the up-enterprise by scanning the barcode on the stock product, and accomplish the perfect cooperation of SCM management.

SMT Production's Mistake Proofing Solution
qewrThe SMT production’s mistake proofing solution which is based on OrBit-MES is one of the sub-application systems under OrBit-MES. It’s mainly adopted in the SMT/PCBA production loop to avoid the mistake in up-loading the material. The traditional SMT up-loading material is handled by manual work, if there’s any mistake, there will be huge loss occurred. The SMT in OrBit-MES is the Mistake Preventable System for up-loading the material, which can be running individually. We adopted RFID/Barcode scanning means by comparing MO, BOM and Work Station, to accomplish the mistake preventable function.

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The solution that we provide includes following items: Feasible Evaluation Project, Data Collection Solution, Investment Budget Project, Project Implementation Solution, Training Plan, and Evaluation Service for the Third Party’s MES Software.

OrBit-MES Whole Solution includes following content:
  ·  Assembly Type Enterprises' MES System Solution
  ·  Machining Type Enterprises' MES System Solution
  ·  Distributed WMS System Application Solution
  ·  RFID in the production lineSolution
  ·  SMT Production's Mistaken Proofing Solution
  ·  RoHS/WEEE Products' traceability Solution
  ·  Special Industries' MES Customize Solution

MES Solution for Assembly Production

qeqewIn traditional enterprises, the discrete assembly enterprises occupy fairly big proportion, especially consumable products (such as electron products, computers, digital equipment, communication products, car, home appliance, furniture, clothes, shoes, etc.), they are basically manufactured through assembling. OrBit-MES provides complete solutions for these types of manufacturing enterprises.

OrBit-MES will control from the IQC for the raw material, do the specific lot mark on the raw material which will be accepted by the warehouse by using RFID or Barcode. When there’s production order being placed, OrBit-MES will trace the lot number of every level’s material and finally trace to the finished product, to run through “from raw material to finished products” - the whole line’s tracing control requirement in the plant. In the meanwhile, OrBit-MES will complete the execution management for the production task and report the quality status of every loop .

RoHS/WEEE Traceability Solution

qwerqweThe environmental RoHS/WEEE standards which were issued from the European Union changed the current enterprises’ competition situation. It heightened the doorsill of entering the market. The hurtful products are forbidden to enter into the European sales market!

To provide the “Certificate of Original Producing Area” and the “Report of Injurant Test ” for the raw material will become the necessary work for the personnel at the control terminal in the raw material warehouse. All kinds of related test data have to be combined with the suppliers’ lot numbers to be managed.

OrBit-MES can trace from the finished products back to the data of the raw material test report based on lot numbers, and print the original test report of RoHS/WEEE for the product at every export. Once there’s problem occurred, the manufacturing plant can recall the product lot number that has problem, and redeem the loss by minimal cost.