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Fujitsu China Assembly Centre(MES)

211221Fujitsu Company is the third large IT service supplier in the world. To improve the competition on it’s IT products, the company set up the new assembly centre in Shenzhen, China in year 2005, and successfully implemented OrBit-MES with the OrBit team.
Main Products:


The China Assembly Centre mainly produces the Lifebook laptops and Deskpower desktops. The characters of these products are: unit price is high, small lot BTO producing, pretty much manual assembling, configure with individuation.
The Reason of Implementing MES

1. To satisfy the requirement from the customer service of the global ensurence.
2. To accomplish the whole tracking from the raw material to the finished product.
3. To achieve the managing aim according to JIT (producing by requirement).
4. To accomplish the monitoring on the production line and provide the real WIP/QC data of the products.
5. To fully integrate with FS-ERP system and Fujitsu’s ImageSystem & SCM system.

Implementation Course

From signing the contract to the first BTO order finished on line, it’s just about 2 months. During this period, OrBit team closely cooperated with the workers in the Assembly Centre and completed the modeling for the MES system, optimizing for the operation interface, configuration for the MES product’s installation, multi-systems data integration (with ERP/SCM), personnel training and trial run, i.e., the whole course. When the experts from Fujitsu headquarters came to China for evaluating, they congratulated on OrBit-MES’ formal running.

Mr. Yamada appraised:" OrBit-MES system can make us monitor the producing detail of the laptops at real time, and avoid the man-made error."


APPLE China Purchasing Centre
(Distributed WMS)

2112APPLE Company provides iPod products to the customers all over the world. The manufacturing location for the iPod products is in China. Facing to more than 50 direct sub-suppliers, the China Purchasing Centre hopes to have a system installed at every supplier’s warehouse, once there’s any in/out operation at the warehouse, the purchaser will know the related information instantly from the system, but not only by telephone or email to know the supplier’s available stock status.

After installing the distributed OrBit-WMS system, the hope comes true. The client terminal of OrBit-WMS system is located at the client warehouse, through the Data-Sender (data transfer service at real time) which is based on TCP/IP protocol, it will pass the barcode information which are on the finished parts and the shipped parts to the WMS Web Portal Database in the purchasing centre through internet. The purchaser can get all kinds of stock/shipping reports from the system through internet. WMS system successfully helped to extend the information touch into both up- and sub- enterprises.

"OrBit-MES system makes us grasp the status of every loop of the supply chain pretty accurately. We can judge in time and reduce our running cost effectively." The Principal of the Asian Purchase Centre of APPLE Company said so.

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NewFocus Pacific Optics Company(MES)

2121In Dec. 2000, the key personnel of OrBit team began to constructMES system in NewFocus company (NUFO).
This is an optical and electrical components manufacturer that came into American market and it has plant in Shenzhen city. The mechanization of the manufacturing technology in this company was not very high level and it mainly depended on the workers’ processing ability. Due to the process technology on the optical and electrical components was still not mature, the rate of the finished products is only about 30%.
The reason that the company implemented MES was as following:
1. Hope to find out the place where is easy to have problem and then analyse and find out the solution to solve the problem, by using MES system.
2. Hope MES can provide the complete produce-test data for every optical component, especially the test data, to make the classification of the products.

"Our challenge is: the optical component is so small, some of the assembly need to be processed under the microscope. How to use MES to manage these components?" The Korean consultant JinKim said so. After the careful analyzing on the theory of MES system and transforming our thinking, we finally solved this problem.
OrBit team totally spent about 10 months to push the MES onto the formal running orbit in NUFO company. It grounded the firm foundation for the success of future OrBit-MES products.

PCH Information Technology Com., Ltd.(MES)  

22PCH is the multinational company from Ireland. The company provides products assembly and kitting service for many famous customers. The plant is located in FuTian tax free zone in Shenzhen city.
The reason for this company to implement MES system is to solve the part number checking issue on the kitting production line by the means of the system. In the past, this problem was always troubling the junior managers.

Such as for a same product, the packaging methods are different due to the products will be sold to different countries in the world. The first part will be scanned and verified by the barcode scanner which is installed on the production line, and then OrBit-MES will drive the production line to transfer this product to the next work station.
Although the operator needs to add a step to scan the barcode for handling every operation, the whole CycleTime is shorted, due to after the scanning, the operator needn’t judge the PartNo. on every part by eye. The rate of the mistake on assembling the products is lowered from the original 2% to now Zero.

"OrBit-MES is the assurance for our production!" The plant manager Frank told the customer who visited the factory. And in fact, PCH company originally planned to adopt the PLC+485 communication way, but it’s upgraded to the 100M Ethernet+Data Controller after adopting the OrBit consultant’s suggestion.

Now the ERP system in PCH factory will place the order directly through OrBit-EDI Service directly to OrBit-MES system, the planning and the production data are perfectly conformed in the closed loop.

LAPIN illuminating Com., Ltd.(MES)  

22121LAPIN is a high-tech private enterprise. It mainly produces top grade Economical Light products. The products are exported to Europe and USA. To meet the customer’s requirement and the requirement of RoHS, the company adopted OrBit-MES to manage the key loops of issuing orders to SMT workshop, monitoring production line in assembly workshop, and supervising the packing and stocking on the finished products, etc.
Except the standard OrBit-MES modules, the company also bought OrBit-MES SMT upload module and RoHS/WEEE tracing module.
After the MES system was successfully implemented in LAPIN Company, the rate of the defective parts was greatly lowered, and the company also met the RoHS standards. MES provides the most reliable assurance for the 6 Sigma means which is currently carried out.
"OrBit team provided us very timely service!" Mr. WanTao, the General Supervisor of the Production in LAPIN Company said so.