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Consultancy Service for the Third Party’s MES

12312When the customer has purchased some kind of famous foreign MES type software, there might be communication problem on language or misunderstanding on technology, so the actual effect of implementing the MES is not very satisfied and the schedule may be delayed sometimes.

We would like to provide the consultancy service on the third party’s MES products for these enterprises. Based on our abundant experience to implement the world-famous MES system for the multinational companies, plus our deep understanding on the MES core value and the requirements from the enterprises, we accept the invitation like following two types:

1. The enterprise can invite the personnel of our team to be the individual implementation consultant on MES project.
2. The third party MES company can invite us to go to the enterprise to implement MES project.

Agile Implementation Method  

We adopt “Agile Implementation Method” to quickly construct theqweqw OrBit-MES products in the customer’s enterprise. This method is created by Mr. Henry Huang in Year 2004, and it becomes the quickest and most efficient MES implementation way in China.
The characters of the Agile Implementation Method are as following:

1. Visual work flow analysis to optimize the method
2. Simulating for MES system flow, training system by game
3. Agile and quick response by network implementing method
4. Flat project implementation organizing configuration
5. 3A inspiring policy and personal beneficial driving method

The lead time for the common MES to be constructed in the enterprise is at least half a year or longer. But the standard lead time of adopting the Agile Implementation Method to construct OrBit-MES in the enterprise is about 3 months. In Jun. 2005, our team broke the record to spend only 60 days to successfully construct our MES system in the enterprise.

The agile implementation method is the guarantee for the customers to successfully implement MES system. And it keeps ahead in the market competition, as well as our advanced MES technology.



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Our Service

212In China, the precondition for successfully implementing the MES system is to find a professional MES software provider first, and then analyze the enterprise’s internal work flow and requirement together with the provider. Thus the suited solution will come into being.

We provide the MES products and service with the highest level in China, Our team is professional on following fields:

1. MES system professional pre-sales consultancy service
2. OrBit-MES installation, implementation and customization service
3. MES system basic knowledge training service by free
4. MES system beginner training and advanced training service
5. The feasibility diagnostic service for implementing MES in the enterprise
6. MES Layout and Budget Project customization service for the enterprise
7. Help to evaluate and select the third party’s MES system service which is cosigned by the enterprise
8. Data integration service for MES and ERP/SCM systems
9. Consultancy service for the third party’s MES system

Based on OrBit team’s many years’ experience on ERP/MES fields, we have enough confidence to provide the best service to our customers, and upgrade the enterprises’ execution and competition ability furthest to bring the best reward for the customers!

Data Collection Solution and Hardware Equipment Supplying

211221We can provide the professional data collection hardware to the customer as following:

1. Barcode printer, all kinds of scanners.
2. All kinds of RFID label/Tag, antennas, readers.
3. All kinds of barcode material, special label print.
4. Adopt SCM or VHDL technology to develop the special data collection equipment or embedded equipment according to the customer’s requirement.
5. Provide the integration solution with the data collection of the LabVIEW 7.x/8.x auto test system.